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What’s Holding You Back on Implementing DCIM - Affordability?

Introducing a truly affordable DCIM solution combining comprehensive asset information with real-time data collection and monitoring to improve operational efficiency

Tired of the sticker-shock associated with DCIM implementation?  Even after considering the hard and soft dollar savings associated with implementing DCIM, many organizations can’t get to a reasonable Return On Investment (ROI), because the total cost of ownership for many DCIM solutions far outweigh the savings.  At Modius, we want every organization to experience the benefits of DCIM, without having to break the bank.

That is why we developed OpenData, a highly scalable software platform for collecting the unstructured “big data” that comes from all the different makes and models of data center assets, processes, and activities as they are generated in real-time.  We associate this real-time data with comprehensive asset information to provide the operational intelligence you need to manage the complex environments of today’s modern data centers.

Recent research by Gartner, Inc. recommends that organizations looking to get started with DCIM should consider pilot projects and limited implementations.  Our DCIM solution, OpenData, supports three upgradeable versions, (Machine, Standard, and Enterprise), allowing you to start small, and expand your DCIM implementation as your needs change.

OpenData is completely vendor neutral, highly scalable, and designed for customer self-service with little or no professional services for implementation, or on-going support.  There are no seat licenses, so everyone in your organization can access the system and you only pay for the assets under management, not empty square footage.

Modius OpenData provides the following DCIM capabilities:

Operational Intelligence for Data Centers

We have all heard of Business Intelligence and how this information can transform the decision making processes for companies that have invested in this technology.  As a data center or facility manager, you need Operational Intelligence to better manage the complexities of the heterogeneous mix of infrastructure found in today’s data centers.

OpenData’s next-generation performance analytics are derived from its real-time monitoring of resources, processes and activities as they are executed within the data center. The software collects, normalizes and analyzes data from all of the power, cooling and mechanical equipment—from racks to CRACs—including data from environmental management systems. The operational intelligence it provides helps IT, data center and facility managers work together to improve decision making, cut costs and identify ways to improve infrastructure throughput and capacity.