Alarm & Event Management for DCIM | Modius

Alarm and Event Management

As data centers become more efficient, they also become more difficult to manage. The margin for error in today’s critical facility is dangerously thin. As operating temperatures are raised to new ASHRAE standards, and electrical distribution systems are run near maximum capacity, one device failure can leave the operator with very little time to react to prevent catastrophe.

The OpenData® system from Modius is the industry’s only fully distributed data-collection solution for gathering real-time performance metrics from across a network of mission critical facilities. It offers core alarming and event management capabilities across all power, cooling, and environmental sensor equipment.

The OpenData® solution for alarm and event management gives you the early warning you need by providing an end-to-end infrastructure monitoring system that actively polls every device in the data center (both IP-based & serial). The advantages of the Modius approach include Intelligent Alarms based on configurable computations. Rather than generate an overflow of low-level alerts, Modius sends you only the alarms you need when they matter most.

How it Works

  • Automated monitoring of all infrastructure equipment in the data center through direct real- time polling of equipment (both networked & serial)
  • Centralized alarm management to a single console across all mission critical sites (data centers, server rooms, remote server closets, etc.)
  • Simplified data management via Intelligent Alarms capability


  • Full monitoring and measurement of all infrastructure equipment (power, cooling, environmental sensors, and IT devices)
  • Robust intelligent alarming using virtual (or ‘computed’) points
  • Complete alarm management, including notification and multiple tiers of escalation
  • Complete alarm/event history tracking
  • Standard Reports (Alarms by device, Notification, Non-reporting devices, Disabled alarms)


  • Covers all major power and cooling devices, including IP-based and serial
  • Easy to deploy, no on-site coding or programming for low TCO
  • Supports all major Business Intelligence tools with open database access


  • Centralized alerts and alarms for all devices
  • Improve MTTR & lower MTBF
  • Achieve true N+1 redundancy

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