Optimizing Energy Performance in Today's Global Data Center

Modius Helps Enterprises Reduce Costs and Tame Out-of-Control Energy Consumption


August 2009

Modius released its flagship white paper, providing a comprehensive overview of data center operational challenges and solutions. The paper covers the fast growing data center challenge of how managing increasing levels of energy consumption, including:

  • How changing energy supply and demand is increasingly putting data centers at risk
  • What Modius offers to help drive next-generation universal monitoring and measurement in the data center
  • Why this approach was able to drive energy savings at Sybase while also improving resiliency

You can download the full white paper (14 pages) by Clicking here.

OEP White Paper Cover

Modius delivers Intelligent Guidance for Smart Data Center Management. By providing "just in time" recommendations for the right improvements at the right time, Modius offers a significant advantage over traditional builiding management systems or other point solutions.

Learn more in the 14-page white paper.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Feeding the Cloud: The Need to Tame Endless Energy Consumption
  • Current Management Options: Insufficient, Reactive, Fragmented
  • The Modius Approach: Integrated, Holistic, Real-time
  • Success Snapshot: Sybase
  • Enabling Industry Alignment
  • Summary

The following is an except from the whitepaper:

Modius: The confidence to lower costs while improving performance

Clearly, a 'five-nines' business world cannot be sustained by facilities in which disaster is only moments away. Today, a next-generation data center is emerging in which Modius provides the comprehensive and holistic data required to aggressively modulate power and cooling, while also ensuring maximum uptime. Based on real-time information, Modius transforms reactive methods into proactive management, giving operators the confidence to aggressively reduce data center costs and energy consumption.

Modius uniquely provides a single-pane-of-glass solution that enables real-time, holistic management of data center health and energy performance, across the global enterprise. As such, it is the leading provider of scalable data center telemetry and infrastructure management systems, integrating availability monitoring, capacity analysis, and efficiency performance tracking of multiple facilities. Only Modius can offer Intelligent Guidance for real-time resource management, allowing companies to:

  • Defer or eliminate costly CapEx investments in new data center facilities by maximizing data center efficiency under capacity constraints
  • Improve energy performance to reduce power consumption and environmental impact
  • Provide peace of mind in the data center that can only come from a holistic, proactive approach to data center health management.

With the Modius data collection system, Modius solves the challenge of integrating performance data from a broad range of site infrastructure devices with demand data from essential IT equipment. Through this single, comprehensive measurement system, Modius allows enterprises to extend the useful life of existing data center sites, significantly lower energy consumption costs, and prevent downtime due to device or system failure.