Do you know your PUE?

Practical Guidelines for Measuring and Managing Data Center Efficiency in the Real World


October 2009

Modius is pleased to announce the availability of its latest White Paper, outlining the importance of continuous and comprehensive measurement of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics.

You can download the full white paper (11 pages) by Clicking Here

PUE White Paper Cover

Excerpt from the Document:


As companies look for new ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, attention is increasingly turning to the data center – the capacity of which is almost universally strained by the unmitigated expansion of IT gear, both in terms of the addition of new servers, as well as the overall growth in the power-density of equipment.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is an emerging metric that, as its name implies, gives data center managers and business executives a highly useful yardstick for gauging how efficiently their data center facility consumes power – a determination that varies significantly depending on the compute load, the design of the cooling systems, and general efficiency of facilities equipment.

In search of an improved PUE

However, Gartner notes that there are some limitations with PUE as the metric is currently used. Generally, because it is either captured intermittently, or based on only few instrumentation points, PUE generally only “provides a simple point-intime snapshot of the energy efficiency of the data center.” By using PUE only in a high-level, snapshot format, operators miss valuable insights into their data center operations, including how:

  • Efficiency varies during the course of the day
  • It is influenced by seasonal and long-term business cycles
  • It is correlated to other factors such as outside air temperature.

Modius has designed a solution that addresses this challenge. Modius uniquely allows PUE to be monitored both at an extremely comprehensive level (with as many instrumentation points as possible), as well as continuously throughout the day. This approach captures minute-by-minute changes in power consumption that characterize today’s highly dynamic, globally oriented data center environments. The company believes that continuous and comprehensive measurement of PUE is essential to leverage this metric as a means to pinpoint strategies that can reduce energy consumption, and ensure that data center reliability is uncompromised.

Learn more in the 11-page White Paper