Modius Announces New Release of OpenData 3.3 and Launches Cloud-Based Free-Trial

For a limited time, data center managers and CIOs can access a hosted free-trial version of OpenData v3.3, which provides next-generation data center analytics and energy management capabilities from a single pane of glass.

SAN FRANCISCO – July 22, 2010 - Modius Inc., the leading provider of management solutions for data center mission-critical infrastructure, today announced the general availability of OpenData v3.3. The release includes a major update of Modius’ platform of next-generation analytic and performance management systems for data centers.

As part of the new product release, Modius will be making a fully-functional version of OpenData v3.3 available in a FREE TRIAL for all qualified registrants via a fully hosted, cloud-based version of Modius OpenData.

The free trial edition does not require any software to be installed locally and be can operated entirely by a browser that connects to an instance of OpenData hosted in the cloud. To sign up for the free trial, interested parties should visit the registration web page at

“Over the last year, many leading research organizations such as Gartner have recommended the use of Data Center Infrastructure Management [DCIM] software as a first step for operators who need to better manage their data center’s energy load,” said Donald Klein, Vice President of Marketing at Modius.

“With the recent release of the EPA’s Energy Star program for Data Centers, a DCIM system like Modius OpenData v3.3 is essential for today’s IT leaders to help manage their facilities against the competing demands of higher availability, improved efficiency, and expanded capacity.”

OpenData v3.3 introduces several important features, including:

  • Improved BACnet data capture capabilities – Modius has improved its ability to collect data at scale from BACnet-enabled equipment. OpenData supports all power and cooling devices that use the BACnet protocol, including Building Management Systems (BMSs) that require BACnet for integration. BACnet is one of the 12 major protocols supported by Modius OpenData.
  • Direct Server-to-BMS integration for next generation data center automation strategies – Modius now enhances data center automation strategies by supporting BACnet-publish capabilities, which push power and cooling intelligence directly to the BMS. OpenData v3.3 migrates broad-based environmental data (like server-inlet temperature) directly from sensors and servers to the BMS - without having to deploy expensive new sensor arrays. This business intelligence can be leveraged to substantially lower cooling costs.
  • Support for Microsoft Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 – For customers looking to upgrade to the latest server software, Modius now supports the latest generation of Microsoft’s server operating system and database management system.
  • New homepage design for easy management of dashboards – Modius has improved user experience by creating a new interface that manages analytic dashboards and provides data summaries to management and executive users.
  • Advanced data management capabilities – With customers capturing increasing amounts of data from more and more devices (both IT and facilities equipment) in the data center, Modius has updated its data management capabilities, allowing users to select which points are stored persistently in order to better manage database size over time.


Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Modius' data center management software enables IT and facilities personnel to work collaboratively to lower energy costs, expand capacity and improve the reliability and availability of all IT services.  The Modius flagship product, OpenData, monitors all power-distribution, cooling and environmental sensors across multiple facilities from a single console, providing intelligent operating decisions based on data from the Internet of Things.  For more information on IoT Solutions from Modius or our data center monitoring solutions , visit our website or call (888) 323-0066.