Modius First to Release Analytic Tools for Data Center Facility Infrastructure that Enable Energy Chargeback and Improved Capacity Management

Modius delivers data center monitoring tools to easily analyze device-level performance of facilities and IT equipment and derive actionable intelligence for operators and managers

Las Vegas, CA – March 28, 2011 - Modius Inc., a leading provider of real-time monitoring solutions for data center critical infrastructure, today announced the general availability of OpenData version 3.5, which offers new functionality for colocation operators and enterprises to improve their capacity management capabilities and to implement chargeback for power and cooling costs.

The latest release of Modius’ flagship product enables customers to analyze resource utilization and capacity of their data center assets based on flexible, user defined ‘groupings’. For example, data center managers can now unify data from heterogeneous equipment and easily derive reports for energy consumed by individual racks, rows, zones or even customers.

To help operators better manage their facilities, OpenData v3.5 adds several important features for data analysis and visualization, including new reports for tracking current values by flexible groups; new statistical analysis tools for calculating energy consumption and other performance metrics; as well as improved visualization of systems and subsystems to easily identify performance anomalies, patters and trends across different groupings of equipment.

“This release is a major step forward in achieving higher levels of data center operational maturity,” said Jay Hartley, Chief Scientist at Modius. “Our new features provide facility managers with actionable intelligence from diverse equipment sources which can be viewed from multiple groupings , whether from an operational perspective like zones or racks, or from a business perspective s like external customers or internal cost centers.”

These new data mining capabilities extract and visualize granular data for improved data center performance analysis across the entire enterprise.

These new capabilities include:

  • New User-Defined Device Tags: New multi-point tagging structure allows users to create flexible groupings that align with business operations (e.g. racks, rows, zones or customers).
  • New Current Value Reporting: This tabular reporting structure leverages device tags to enable arithmetic data ‘roll-ups’ of groups of current values (e.g. Total by customer group).
  • New Historical & Statistical Analysis Reporting: Additional reporting capabilities with statistical analysis (e.g., Min/Max/Avg/Time-integration) and other user-defined calculations.
  • Improved Visualization Tools: Updates to graphic visualization capabilities to more easily identify performance anomalies, patterns and trends.
  • Major Upgrade to Web Services Interface: Updates to web services interface allows deeper level integrations with other reporting or data center management products for federating data and unifying operations.

Modius will be providing a live demo of OpenData v3.5 at this week’s Data Center World Conference in Las Vegas. The live demo can be found at booth #629.

About Modius

Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Modius' data center management software enables IT and facilities personnel to work collaboratively to lower energy costs, expand capacity and improve the reliability and availability of all IT services.  The Modius flagship product, OpenData, monitors all power-distribution, cooling and environmental sensors across multiple facilities from a single console, providing intelligent operating decisions based on data from the Internet of Things.  For more information on IoT Solutions from Modius or our data center monitoring solutions , visit our website or call (888) 323-0066.

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