Modius Press Release Oct_27_2011

World’s Largest Pure-Play Cloud Infrastructure Provider Optimizes Data Center Performance with Modius OpenData®, Anticipating 10 to 15 Percent Savings in Operational Costs

GoGrid consolidates its view of operations in five data centers on a single screen


San Francisco – Oct. 27, 2011 – Modius Inc. today announced that GoGrid, the world’s largest pure-play provider of cloud-based infrastructure as a service, has deployed OpenData®—a data center infrastructure management solution from Modius—which is expected to reduce the cost of operations by 10 to 15 percent and is helping GoGrid to grow globally.

GoGrid operates three data centers in its headquarters city of San Francisco, as well as centers in Ashburn, Va., and soon in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The 10-year-old company offers hosted private- and public-cloud products to thousands of customers worldwide, including large international organizations like Orange Business Services. GoGrid allows companies to register online and deploy complex cloud infrastructure environments in minutes.

GoGrid is deploying Modius OpenData to optimize and normalize the collection of operational information from a wide array of equipment in all its data centers, unifying and relaying that information to a new network operations center (NOC) at GoGrid’s headquarters.

“Our goal in the first phase of OpenData deployment has been to have a single pane of glass in the NOC where we can monitor trending information regarding all our power and cooling resources for all our centers,” said GoGrid Vice President of Operations Bobby Brown. “OpenData enables us to collect, integrate and normalize our data globally, providing a unified view and dashboard to alert us to any issues at any critical points in any of our data centers. It’s helping us grow and simultaneously save money on labor costs through a much higher level of actionable operational intelligence than we’ve been able to access previously.”

Before implementing OpenData, GoGrid monitored 30 different systems with thousands of data points using multiple open-source technologies and spreadsheets to analyze the data—a labor-intensive and difficult process.  “We had a lot of different systems in a lot of different places,” Brown added. “Working with multiple spreadsheets, anytime we’d export data out of the system, its time value was limited and visible to only those who had access to the spreadsheets.”
Now GoGrid will be monitoring all those data points through OpenData dashboards and reports that any authorized employee can access, with a complete history of the issue. “With OpenData, that information is always available—I can pull up power usage in Ashburn, Va.—or any of our data centers—with just one login and run reports fast,” Brown noted.

Moreover, the company will operate more effectively.  ”While our response time was fast, we realized we could achieve a better efficiency by consolidating our NOCs,” said Brown. “Now we have a team staffing the NOC who will be able to monitor every center and recognize a potential thermal anomaly or correlated event before it hits a dangerous threshold or alarm state, carrying out preventiveaction instead of remedial maintenance.”

“By having trending information, we can determine early on that a system may be moving toward a problem and take corrective action to prevent an issue,” Brown said.

OpenData lets GoGrid’s NOC monitor temperature,  humidity and other attribute levels for everything from main feeds entering a center to uninterruptible power supplies and power distribution, HVAC units and other heat-sensitive equipment, all the way down to the power strips in the racks.

“When we were in one location, it was easy to monitor everything,” Brown recalled, “but now our data centers are global, and we rely on Modius OpenData to furnish us the insight we need to enable us to have better, more real-time quality data to make rapid and effective facility management decisions.”

Phase 1 of the deployment includes building the NOC and consolidating data on global data center operations to a single screen. Phase 2 involves extending the use of Modius OpenData software to monitor additional equipment, and Phase 3 incorporates development of more dashboards, analyses and metrics.

“Modius helps companies all over the world gain the types of performance efficiencies and savings that GoGrid is enjoying with our OpenData solution,” said Modius CEO Craig Compiano. “It allows our customers to reduce service interruptions by gaining trending analytics, saving time and cost, all while bolstering the customer’s reputation for service.”

About Modius
Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Modius' data center management software enables IT and facilities personnel to work collaboratively to lower energy costs, expand capacity and improve the reliability and availability of all IT services.  The Modius flagship product, OpenData, monitors all power-distribution, cooling and environmental sensors across multiple facilities from a single console, providing intelligent operating decisions based on data from the Internet of Things.  For more information on IoT Solutions from Modius or our data center monitoring solutions , visit our website or call (888) 323-0066.

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GoGrid is the #1 pure-play Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider specializing in Public Cloud and Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Currently powering thousands of customers globally, GoGrid makes complex infrastructure easy by enabling businesses to revolutionize their IT environments with the Cloud. In just minutes, GoGrid customers can deploy and begin managing applications and workloads on our proven, secure and reliable public cloud platform. With GoGrid’s Public Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud offerings, system administrators, developers, and IT professionals create, deploy, and control cloud environments and complex virtual and physical server networks with full administrative control; with GoGrid’s Hosted Private Cloud customers utilize a private, hosted and managed, single-tenant environment with zero capital expenditure. To further leverage the GoGrid cloud, the Partner Exchange provides users with an evolving ecosystem of cloud solutions from GoGrid’s partner community. GoGrid is proud to have been recognized as a “Visionary” two years in a row by Gartner and as a “Champion” by Info-Tech Research Group in 2011. For more information, please visit:

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