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Modius Incuded in List of Vendors Leading Data Center Asset Management Market

March 1, 2016
Data Center Asset Management Market – Global Forecast to 2020 says the data center asset management market is thriving, and in the next five years will present ‘huge’ potential opportunity in software solutions and services.

Emerson and Modius Collaborate to Provide Solution

April 13, 2015
The Emerson and Modius collaboration provides an IoT solution that integrates Emerson’s Therm-O-Disc (TOD) WirelessHART™ industrial grade sensors with the Modius real-time infrastructure monitoring suite, OpenData, for environmental management.

Cologix Deploys A Fully Integrated DCIM Solution

September 10, 2014
“We selected Modius’s OpenData platform for its high speed, scalable data collection technology which we tightly integrated into Cologix’s cloud-based CRM and Canara Monitoring solutions,” explained Val Milshtein, vice president of technology, Cologix.

World's Largest Pure-Play Cloud Infrastructure Provider Anticipates 10-15 Percent Operational Savings with Modius OpenData

October 31, 2011
GoGrid Vice President of Operations Bobby Brown says, "Now that our data centers are global, we rely on Modius OpenData to furnish the insight we need for making rapid and effective facility management decisions."

World’s Largest Pure-Play Cloud Infrastructure Provider Anticipates 10- to 15-Percent Operational Savings with Modius OpenData

October 31, 2011
"Our goal is to have a single pane of glass in the NOC to monitor trending information regarding all our energy resources for all our centers," Brown said. OpenData provides a unified view and...

Cloud Host GoGrid Deploys Modius OpenData Infrastructure Management

October 31, 2011
Data center infrastructure management software developer Modius announced on Monday that cloud-based infrastructure as a service provider GoGrid has deployed the Modius OpenData solution.

XIOLINK Selects OpenData Software by Modius to Ensure That Efficiency and Performance Levels Are Met Across All Its Critical Infrastructure

August 29, 2011
Modius, announced that XIOLINK, a leading provider of managed infrastructure, colocation and private cloud computing, has selected OpenData to monitor and maintain a superior performance level of, and provide analytics about, its critical infrastructure…

Modius OpenData Integrates with Intel Data Center Manager to Offer Real-time, Unified Power and Thermal Management Solutions.

August 9, 2011
By integrating Intel DCM directly into Modius OpenData, it will enable a set of functionality not previously available.

Modius OpenData Integrates with Intel Data Center Manager

August 1, 2011
“Intel DCM coupled with OpenData enables data center operators to gauge device-level performance and take actionable steps to plan for capacity and reduce energy consumption,” said Jeffrey Klaus, director, DC Solutions, Intel.

The Modius Intel Partnership

August 1, 2011
Modius Inc. has entered into an alliance with Intel that brings together the Modius Open Data Center Enterprise Edition and Intel Data Center Manager for a pioneering DCIM solution.

Modius OpenData Enterprise Integrates with Intel Data Center Manager

July 29, 2011
The WHIR links OpenData v3.5 to partnership between Intel and Modius.

Modius and Intel Team Up on Data Center Management

July 29, 2011
OpenData’s own features for data center monitoring and analysis include reports for tracking current values by customizable groups, statistical analysis tools for calculating energy consumption and other performance metrics... recognizes The 451 Group's positioning of Modius in the DCIM market

June 2, 2011
Dubbed by The 451 Group, "one of the pioneers of DCIM," Modius is regarded as, "leading the development of systems that aggregate environmental and power data from multiple points in the datacenter for management reporting, optimization, and control."

TMCnet Feature: Getting the Most Out of Data Center Modularization

June 1st, 2011
Modius' Director of Product Marketing is asked by TMCnet to provide some insights into data center optimization...

Ramp up to unified alarm Monitoring

May 25th, 2011
Donald Klein, VP of Marketing and Business Development writes a piece for Cabling Installation and Maintenance about unifying monitoring across disparate infrastructure, systems and objectives.

Crossing the Chasm for Data Center Energy

April 19, 2011
Jeff St. John tackles the cross-aisle topic of IT server usage vs. Facility power and cooling capacity and efficiency.

IT & Network Infrastructure: DCs & the Cloud - 12 Trends You Need to Know

March 12, 2011
Chris Preimesberger of eWeek summarizes a presentation by IDC's Michelle Bailey which includes best practices for enterprise data centers including the utilization of a DCIM solution (such as Modius) to manage its rapidly evolving and dynamic nature.

New Modius Data Center Software Measures Isolated Equipment Energy Use

March 31, 2011
The WHIR recognizes the importance of Modius' latest software release, v3.5 for real-time rack or zone level capacity management.

GreenTech Pastures

March 30th, 201
Heather Clancy of ZDNet hits the nail on the head in her piece about sub-metering. It's easy in office space, server closets, labs, DCs or all the above if you have the right distributed monitoring system.

Modius adds chargeback capabilities to data center monitoring

March 29th, 201
SF based developer of data center monitoring software Modius has added features to its OpenData solution that enable data center operators to implement chargeback mechanisms for power and cooling costs associated with supporting individual customers.

Using DCIM Tools to Monitor Data Center Power

March 14, 2011
Julius’ writes an excellent sequel regarding the cost of a DCIM solution. Though Modius customers have found it negligible compared to value gained via Capacity Mgmt, Energy Efficiency, simplified Operations & increased Availability.

Data Center Management using DCIM tools

March 14, 2011
Julius Neudorfer writes a compelling detailed piece explaining the variations of DCIM solutions on the market, and the corresponding value proposition. Modius would counter by saying: “We do all of the above”.

Energy Efficiency: Monitoring & CFD

March 2011
There’s a saying in data center circles that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” That’s why monitoring and analysis are key components of a data center energy efficiency program.

DataCenter Knowledge Provides a Brief DCIM State-of-the-Union

January 2011
This recent piece in DataCenter Knowledge introduces the flood of new DCIM vendors that have come onto the market a year after DCIM was defined by Gartner, and five years after Modius gave birth to the industry.

451 Market Insight Report on Modius

November 2010
John Stanley and The 451 Group released a new Market Insight Service report (MIS) on Modius, Inc. with specific focus on the flagship product OpenData v3.4 and its new feature to push data to other control systems.

Modius Offers Incentives to Switch Monitoring

November 2010
Colleen Miller of Data Center Knowledge takes a look at Modius' new program of financial incentives to help customers upgrade their Data Center Monitoring systems.

DCIM tools inch closer to facilities-IT department Kumbaya

October 28th, 2010
Alex Barrett, News Director of covers Emerson and other DCIM vendors progress to make this a useful application for IT and Facility Managers

Taxonomy of Data Center Instrumentation

Oct 20th, 2010
Mission Critical carries a six page piece by Modius' Mark Harris, VP of Product Management. Mark addresses the state, need, trials and benefits of data center instrumentation, monitoring and optimization.

Modius launches new version of facilities measurement and monitoring platform

Oct 6th, 2010

Date Center Knowledge acknowledges OpenData 3.4

Oct 4th, 2010
"Modius' ability to unify both facilities and IT data makes it easier for data center managers to view trouble spots and take immediate action - as well as break down barriers between the IT and facilities department."

Modius Helps Manage Data Center Energy Usage in Context of Uptime

June 2010
With a focus on sustainability, efficiency and IT Heather Clancy of ZDNet speaks to CEO, Craig Compiano and nicely encapsulates how Modius is catalyzing a powerful data center ecosystem for energy efficiency and more importantly... data center uptime.

EPA Launches Energy Star for Data Centers

June 2010
As Modius anticipated last year, the EPA has launched an Energy Star program specifically designed for Data Centers. This move stems from concern around the US's high rate of energy consumption - Estimated in 2006 at 1.5% of the nation's total.

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Facilities

June 2010
Mark Harris, VP of Product Management at Modius writes a piece for Data Center Knowledge discussing the divide of IT and Facilities infrastructure, how it came to be, and what you can do to address the dangers.

EPA Releases Data Center Energy Star Label

June 2010
This piece by Mark Boslet announces the new Energy Star label for Data Centers and how it might be received by the market place. It also looks into the strength and weakness of PUE and other metrics like DCeP.

Gartner Features Modius in New Report on Data Center Infrastructure

May 2010
Gartner research author, David Cappuccio, has published a new report on Data Center Infrastucture Management (DCIM) tools. Modius is pleased to be featured as one of the key vendors in this emerging market segment.

Mission Critical Magazine

April 2010
Modius is honored that Mission Critical magazine has published Mark Harris’s white paper, “Taxonomy of Data Center Instrumentation.” This definitive guide to the instrumentation landscape within the modern data center is available for immediate download.

Announcing Release of Modius OpenData v3.2

March 2010
Modius, Inc. is pleased to announce the general availability of a new release of its flagship product, OpenData® v3.2. This release includes several new major enhancements to integration capabilities with other major management systems in the...

Data Center Monitoring With Modius

March 2010
At Data Center World we had the chance to speak with Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius, a San Francisco company that makes monitoring software for IT infrastructure. Modius’ motto is “measuring more things in more places more easily,” with the ability to...

Modius, RF Code Partner on Monitoring

March 2010
One company makes wireless sensors and the other develops monitoring and management software. This week RF Code and Modius announced a partnership...

Modius combines data center monitoring software with wireless RF Code sensors

March 2010
Developer of data center monitoring and management software Modius has partnered with RF Code, a provider of wireless environmental sensors, to integrate the two companies’ products and deliver them jointly...

US EPA Sets Date for Release of Energy Star Rating

February 2010
Scientists at the US Environmental Protection Agency are getting close to the end of a several-year-long effort of creating an Energy Star rating for data centers, a 1-100 rating that has been available for most other types of commercial buildings.

Modius Research Highlight: Science of Measurement

January 2010
“The Science of Measurement” explains some of the key considerations surrounding performance monitoring and measurements in data centers. Read this white paper summarizing the key findings.

Announcing Modius OpenData v3.1 Release

November 2009
Modius, Inc. is pleased to announce the general availability of a new release of its flagship product, OpenData® v3.1. This release includes several new end-user features plus significant improvements to product stability and supportability.

Power Efficiency In-A-Box from Modius

November 2009
For a limited-time Modius is offering PUE In-A-Box! In less than 1 week, create a dashboard for continuous Power Efficiency measurement of your mission-critical facility.

New Publication: The Science of Measurement

November 2009
The Science of Measurement is an independent research report, which aims to help data center managers better understand the business value of measuring data center performance & the considerations that are important to developing a measurement scheme.

New Publication: Measuring PUE

October 2009
Modius is pleased to announce the availability of its latest White Paper, PUE for the Real World, outlining the importance of continuous and comprehensive measurement of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics.

New Publication: Optimizing Energy Performance

August 2009
Modius released its flagship white paper, providing a comprehensive overview of data center operational challenges and solutions.

New Publication: DOE Case Study

July 2009
As part of their series in "Save Energy Now" case studies, the DOE released a case study outlining the impact of Modius DCiM on the energy and cost savings achieved at the Sybase data center facilities in Dublin, California.

451 Market Insight Report

July 2009
The 451 Group issued a Market Insight report on Modius. The report outlines Modius' series B funding of $7M from Paladin Capital.

Datacenter Management & Energy-Efficiency Software

July 2009
Read an excerpt from this extensive report concerning datacenter reporting and management tools, including a profile on Modius.