OpenData Enterprise Edition

Product Overview

OpenData Enterprise Edition software provides real-time monitoring and decision support that enables unified visibility and better control over the critical systems in your facilities, including power, cooling and space. It is ideal for enterprises and co-location operators that require comprehensive monitoring and analysis across multiple sites, simultaneously through a unified management console. It doesn't matter whether your facilities, data centers, server rooms or technology closets are across the street or across the world, with OpenData Enterprise Edition you can optimize capacity and increase efficiencies across your entire organization.

In addition to core data collection and real-time monitoring for all facility infrastructure, OpenData also offers full Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities for managing all the IT and supporting assets, including asset visualization, move, add and change (mac) support, capacity management for power, cooling & space, environmental management, and advanced analytics.

Real-time data collection, performance monitoring and DCIM functionality.

Using a variety of communications protocols, OpenData collects, normalizes and evaluates performance data for all power and cooling equipment (both networked and serial) from all vendors. This deep integration and data normalization enables you to see a complete, unified view of facility operations so that you can:

  • Simplify Facility Management. Uncover the true state for your facilities by monitoring all power and cooling equipment, environmental sensors, and other equipment through a single pane of glass. 
  • Prevent Outages. Get unified health and status alarms for all equipment, thus mitigating risks by managing a consistent alarm policy enterprise-wide.
  • Maximize Capacity. Enable more IT growth--and defer capex-- by identifying stranded capacity and optimizing all of the power and cooling equipment in the data center or facility.

    Benefits of Enterprise Edition include:

    Multi-Site Monitoring
    OpenData Enterprise Edition provides an intelligent, federated view of multiple sites, which enable facility & data center managers to optimize performance, including energy efficiency across multiple locations
    3rd Party Integrations
    The Enterprise Edition of OpenData provides several options for exchanging data with 3rd party applications (API, Web Services, SOAP, Etc.)
    Highly Scalable Architecture with unlimited data collection
    OpenData Enterprise Edition’s architecture support real-time data collection from thousands of devices in locations across the globe.
    Advanced Analytics and Dashboards
    OpenData provides both standard and custom reports and advanced data visualization using its built-in reporting tool.  Optionally, OpenData Enterprise Edition supports the creation of Dashboards using an integrated Business Intelligence tool.
    Modular Functionality
    OpenData can be configured to include features and functions as needed.  This allows the end-user to address specific problems and then expand to include more features and functions.
    Easy to deploy, configure and use
    OpenData Enterprise Edition was designed for ease of use.  The application can be setup and configured with a minimum amount of professional services from Modius.

OpenData Enterprise Edition runs on standard versions of the Microsoft Operating System, either in the customer's facility or hosted in the cloud. The software utilizes a flexible set of data Collectors, which are small, independent intelligent software instances that can be installed at remote sites. The software can live on a PC, server white space, or a data collector Appliance provided by Modius. The data collectors can be deployed in any quantity required to cover all sites, from technology closets to the factory floor.  Each data collector communicates with the OpenData application to pass data securely so that it can be stored and accessed from a central repository. This unique architecture makes the solution infinitely scalable for even the largest organizations, MSPs or co-location operators.

The OpenData Enterprise Edition package includes:

  • Modius OpenData Enterprise Edition software application, which includes a complete library of device interface templates that enable automatic data capture from any network-addressable device in the data center, whether power or cooling equipment, environmental sensors, or IT devices.
  • Modius Protocol Translator and unlimited data Collectors

Optional Modules

  •  Alarm and Event Management - OpenData Alarm and Event Management provides Real-time monitoring of all critical infrastructure assures your information is always current. Performance data is presented intelligently, so you can see what matters at a glance. And, a unified alarm management system mitigates spurious alarms and helps you make sense of the chaos. By providing visibility and decision support, OpenData takes the guesswork of equipment monitoring and facility management.
  • Asset Management - The OpenData Asset Management module provides data center and IT facilities managers with the ability to clearly visualize their assets and infrastructure, manage the placement of this equipment, and make informed capacity management decisions as new equipment is deployed and old equipment is retired.  Beyond spreadsheets or using cumbersome CMDB implementations to manage data center infrastructure, Modius' OpenData Asset Module was designed specifically to address the documentation and management requirements of data center facilities infrastructure and the IT equipment it supports.
  • Power Capacity Management - OpenData Power Capacity Management module captures data from power meters, busways, raceways, and other components in the power chain to monitor power consumption of racks and cabinets. Meters at each service or branch feed can supply data using either SMNP or Modbus protocols. OpenData uses this data to provide detailed power consumption statistics at varying levels, including room, zone, row, or rack-level.
  • Environmental Management - OpenData Environmental Management module captures data from a variety of sensors; temperature, humidity, leak detection, air flow, security systems, and other data center infrastructure to provide real-time feedback on the efficiency of your data center’s cooling systems. Sensors embedded in IT or HVAC equipment, or externally placed throughout the data center, use either SMNP or Modbus protocols to send data to Open- Data. This data provides real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and capacity trends over time.
  • Reporting Package - OpenData Reporting package allows end-users to quickly and easily create custom reports from OpenData assets/devices and performance data.  The reporting package also includes a number of graphical high-chart templates for superior data visualization.
  • BI Dashboard Module - OpenData BI Dashboard module provides an embedded version of SAP Crystal Dashboard Designer for creating dashboards from OpenData and other data sources.
  • Integration Support - OpenData Integration Support module provides the OpenData API, and Web Services libraries.
  • MS-SQL Database License - A MS-SQL Database license is required for Enterprise (Single-Site) and Enterprise (Multi-Site) installations.

For more information on OpenData Enterprise Edition, download the OpenData Enterprise Edition Product Brief.

Modius OpenData Enterprise Edition is a software application that can be either installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Typically the application installs on MS Server OS 2008, uses an Enterprise version of MS SQL Server 2005/2008 for data storage, and is accessed via standard browsers. Many customers choose to run the application within VMware ESX. For more information, please contact

Product Support

Modius is committed to supporting customers through every stage of the buying process, from technical assistance on pre-sale questions to defining customized reporting options once a solution is installed. [More]

How To Buy

OpenData Enterprise Edition is made available for use by either a term-based license or a perpetual license, with an additional annual maintenance fee for updates and help desk support. For specific pricing information, please contact us.