OpenData Product Overview

OpenData - What it Does

OpenData is a highly scalable software platform designed to collect and normalize performance data from devices, (IT & Network equipment, Telco, wired & wireless sensors, etc.), applications (BMS, CMDB, ITSM, ERP, etc.), and supporting building infrastructure (Power, Cooling, Security, etc.).  This real-time data provides the foundation for making quicker and better operational decisions for the management of data centers and other mission-critical facilities.  OpenData’s core functionality provides the following capabilities:

  • Real-time data collection and normalization at the edge of the network (IoT)
  • Centralized, standard, highly-scalable database
  • Extensive library of data collection templates for devices, applications and infrastructure
  • Built-in reporting/analytics
  • Real-time monitoring with intelligent alarm/alert escalation
  • Support for networked and serial devices
  • Optional modules for DCIM Asset Management, Power Capacity Management, Environmental Management

If you are managing a single site, have multiple facilities across the globe, or are looking for a platform to support the Internet of Things (IoT), OpenData provides the functionality you need to support a higher level of operational efficiency.

Watch Demo

Watch our OpenData product demo now to see how you can uncover the true state of your facility--from the grid to the chassis--and get more utilization out of power, cooling and space with infrastructure management software by Modius.

If you prefer a live interaction so that we may address any specific questions you might have, please contact us to schedule a personalized demo with a Modius representative.

Modius OpenData Editions

Not all facilities are the same, so Modius offers three versions of the OpenData platform for addressing your management needs.

OpenData Enterprise Edition - Do you have a large facility or multiple facilities to manage?  Then the Modius OpenData Enterprise Edition provides a real-time data collection platform for monitoring all the critical infrastructure, devices, processes and events.  Our Enterprise Edition provides multiple site monitoring and decision support that enables unified visibility and better control over the supporting infrastructure (power, cooling, security) and the facilities’ housed equipment, (IT, Network, Telco, Fabrication, etc.). With OpenData Enterprise Edition, you can add one or more optional modules (e.g., Asset Management, Etc.) to address specific needs, or bundle everything together for a complete solution for facility management.  [More]

OpenData Standard Edition - For small to medium single site operations, the OpenData Standard edition provides all the data collection capabilities, device monitoring, and option modules of the Enterprise edition, but with limits on the amount of data collected.  This provides a low cost solution that simplifies the complexity of managing all facility infrastructure and equipment from multiple vendors. The “download and go” software provides a simplified, federated view of real-time performance data and alarms for all networked devices with installation and setup taking less than 1 hour. [More]

OpenData Machine Edition - Managing a limited number of devices in a single location?  The OpenData Machine edition is the right answer for your needs.  This fully functional, low-cost, unified alarm management and notification solution provides the ability to collect performance data for up to 25 devices in a single site and escalate equipment issues before they become big problems. A low-cost version of the software that is specifically designed to handle the monitoring and alarming requirements of a group of devices at single site.  [More]

Not sure what OpenData version is right for your operation, not to worry!  Each version of OpenData can be field upgraded to a higher version allowing companies to start small and expand capabilities as they grow.  The following chart illustrates the capabilities of each OpenData version.