Data Center Infrastructure Management Leader Modius announces new operations offering for Co-location, Cloud and Managed Service Providers, (MSP’s)

OpenData® v3.7’s Business Intelligence (BI) for Co-location & Cloud Operations provides reports, dashboards, alarms, and advanced analytics specifically designed to help data center operators maximize their profitability without the risks associated with over-subscription

SAN FRANCISCO – June 21st, 2012 - Modius Inc., the leading provider of real-time monitoring solutions for data center mission-critical infrastructure, today announced enhancements to its OpenData product line to address the needs of data center operators offering co-location, cloud and other managed services to their clients.  This BI package of reports, dashboards, alarms, and analytics provides unprecedented insight into the profitability of co-location and cloud services on a client by client basis and helps the data center operator make better decisions to streamline their service delivery.


OpenData v3.7 Business Intelligence (BI) for Co-location & Cloud Operations provides insight into several important management issues, including: 


  • Revenue Leakage – OpenData v3.7 BI for Co-location & Cloud Operations contains a variety of reports, dashboards and alarms used to identify customers that are exceeding their allotment for power and cooling. 
  • Power Usage Monitoring – Modius has added new, robust power chain delivery reports that allow users to easily assess variations in power usage over a fully customizable time period.  These easy to read, interactive reports provide instant statistical analysis of power usage across all the client’s devices in single or multiple data centers.
  • Capacity Modeling – OpenData v3.7 BI for Co-location & Cloud Operations provides the ability to establish profiles for capacity usage by client type.  These profiles insure that accurate provisioning is established as new clients are brought on-board.
  • Predictive Trending and Analysis – Modius has developed a new series of reports, dashboards and alarms that provide insight into the remaining power and cooling in the data center.  This analysis accurately predicts the time remaining before expenditures must be made to increase capacity.
  • Impact Analysis – OpenData v3.7 BI for Co-location & Cloud Operations also provides the ability to accurately assess the risk to client’s equipment and identify potential service level violations during unplanned outages.

”Data center operators offering co-location and cloud services require a unique set of operational monitors and controls to help them maximize their return on investment,” said Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius. “Modius’ ability to offer these data centers a specific set of analytics to manage their co-location and cloud services clients will help them make the right decisions to directly improve their profitability.


From a single console, Modius’ OpenData platform displays, in real-time, comprehensive power and environmental intelligence from a distributed network of facilities, including; multiple data centers, server closets, call centers and mechanical yards. Using these metrics, data center leaders have the ability to anticipate and plan for numerous data center events that will enable them to reduce data center energy consumption. The system can be installed either locally within the enterprise network or remotely with the database and server application hosted in a cloud-based configuration for easier service management.


For additional information on the BI for Co-location & Cloud Operations offering, Modius has scheduled a 30-minute informative Webinar for June 28th, 2012 to cover the details of this breakthrough enhancement for OpenData v3.7.  Modius is also offering a free trial of OpenData v3.7 to companies that are interested in exploring the benefits of this enterprise-class Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.  For more information on participating in this free trial, please visit our website at


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Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Modius' data center management software enables IT and facilities personnel to work collaboratively to lower energy costs, expand capacity and improve the reliability and availability of all IT services.  The Modius flagship product, OpenData, monitors all power-distribution, cooling and environmental sensors across multiple facilities from a single console, providing intelligent operating decisions based on data from the Internet of Things.  For more information on IoT Solutions from Modius or our data center monitoring solutions , visit our website or call (888) 323-0066.


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