Modius Introduces Environmental Management Module for OpenData

Data Center Infrastructure Management Leader Modius® announces new capability for OpenData v3.7

The OpenData Environmental Management Module (EMM) provides comprehensive management of environmental operating conditions based on data collected from wired, wireless and embedded sensors.


SAN FRANCISCO – March 23rd, 2015 - Modius Inc., a recognized leader in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, today announced enhancements to its OpenData product line to provide complete visualization, analysis and control of environmental conditions based on data collected from all makes and models of wired, wireless, and embedded sensors.  OpenData v3.7 Environmental Management Module provides data center managers and facility operators with two critical capabilities; 1). Unified monitoring and analysis of environmental conditions in mixed sensor installations and 2). Visual playback of environmental conditions to support optimization initiatives and root-cause analysis of environmental anomalies.

The Modius Environmental Management Module for OpenData v3.7 collects data in real-time from a combination of wired, wireless, and embedded sensors, creating a flexible sensor array to monitor and measure temperature, humidity, pressure and power.  This module extends the real-time data collection and monitoring capabilities of the OpenData platform, with the thermal visualizations companies need to maintain their facilities for optimal efficiency and compliance standards.  OpenData EMM provides zone-level performance metrics to support environmental decision-making and superior automation of climate control systems.  With this new environmental management capability, OpenData users can experience the following benefits without being tied to multiple proprietary sensor solutions:

  • Open Sensor Data Collection – Collect and normalize data across all sensor types (wired, wireless, and embedded) to provide a comprehensive, flexible sensor array of real-time environmental data (Temperature, Humidity, Power, Pressure, etc.).
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – Environmental monitoring information instantly escalated to the appropriate support personnel for faster and more accurate resolution.
  • Superior Capacity Planning – OpenData v3.7’s Environmental Management Module supports the efficient use of power and cooling by providing dynamic visual maps of variations in collected sensor data to discover areas of under- or over-provisioning.
  • Better Communication – Both Facilities and IT Service personnel can access the same data from a single source of truth to work together to resolve environmental issues in the data center.
  • Risk Reduction – OpenData v3.7 Environmental Management Module provides the ability to reduce costly downtime and avoid unplanned outages by having accurate warning for all environmental anomalies.

“We see a lot of companies struggling to manage their facilities with mixed sensor environments and multiple proprietary environmental monitoring solutions” said Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius. “This new environmental management capability for OpenData combines a unified monitoring solution for mixed sensor deployments with a rich source of environmental data, dashboards, and visual presentations to support the optimization of power and cooling across all facilities”.  “Many companies don’t need the expense and complexity of a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution to understand how to cool their equipment” added Mr. Compiano.  “With OpenData EMM, you can collect data in real-time from your sensors arrays, make adjustments based on actual data collected during peak, idle and normal operating conditions, and then closely monitor the resulting conditions.”

From a single console, the Modius’ OpenData platform can display comprehensive power, environmental intelligence, and asset information, for a distributed network of facilities - including multiple data centers, server closets, and call centers. Using these metrics, data center personnel can make informed decisions to proactively manage their facilities, reduce power consumption, and mitigate the risk of unplanned outages. The system can be installed either locally within the enterprise network, or hosted remotely in a cloud-based configuration for easier service management.
The OpenData v3.7 Environmental Management Module is available for immediate shipping. For more information on the capabilities of this new software module for the OpenData platform, please visit our website at

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