Data Center Infrastructure Management Leader Modius® announces affordable asset management for data center facilities

OpenData v3.7’s new Asset Management Module combines comprehensive asset information with real-time data collection and monitoring to improve operational efficiency at an affordable price point.


SAN FRANCISCO – October 2nd, 2014 - Modius Inc., a recognized leader in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, today announced that affordable asset management for data center facilities is now a reality.   The OpenData v3.7 Asset Management Module provides a comprehensive repository of data, specific to each asset across multiple facilities.  It also supports detailed graphical representations of these assets, including the data center layout, IT equipment placement in the racks, Power and HVAC equipment locations, and end-to-end network and power cable connections at a price point every organization can afford.

The Modius Asset Management Module for OpenData v3.7 replaces spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings for documenting asset placement in the data center and provides a web-based, highly interactive, easy to use, affordable solution for managing and planning the placement of facility infrastructure and IT equipment.  Out of the box, this module was designed to augment the real-time data collection and monitoring capabilities of the OpenData platform, with the asset visualization functionality companies expect in their DCIM solution.  With this asset management capability, OpenData users can experience the following benefits of a complete DCIM implementation without breaking the bank.

  • No Out-of-date Information – Using multiple spreadsheets, or rarely updated Visio or CAD drawings, can lead to bad management decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data.  The Asset Management module provides a single source of truth for all assets across multiple facilities.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – All asset information is available to all personnel to support faster and more accurate decision making.
  • Superior Capacity Planning OpenData v3.7’s Asset Management Module supports the efficient use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of assets in your facilities.  The software provides enhanced modeling of equipment Moves, Adds and Changes, (MAC) initiatives, to accurately assess the impact on data center resource capacity.
  • Better Communication – Both Facilities and IT Service personnel can access the same asset data from a single source of truth to work together to resolve issues in the data center.
  • Risk Reduction OpenData v3.7 Asset Management Module provides the ability to reduce costly downtime and avoid unplanned outages by having accurate asset information available when decisions are being made to support physical changes in the data center.

“A key requirement of every successful DCIM implementation is accurate asset information.” said Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius. “This asset management capability, combined with the Real-time Operational Intelligence derived from our patented data collection technology, provides an unprecedented level of information for quick and accurate decision-making across all your facilities.  According to the recently published Magic Quadrant for DCIM from Gartner, Modius’ OpenData provides strong multisite visualization for all data center infrastructure.”
“One of the largest deterrents preventing wide-spread adoption of DCIM solutions has been price and return-on-investment, (ROI).” added Mr. Compiano.  “Organizations that really do their homework on the total investment for implementing a complex DCIM solution for asset management quickly realize the costs are prohibitive and the ROI is virtually non-existent. The OpenData Asset Management Module delivers what data centers really need; asset visualization and planning functionality beyond spreadsheets, in an easy to use, affordable package.”

From a single console, the Modius’ OpenData platform can display comprehensive power, environmental intelligence, and asset information, for a distributed network of facilities - including multiple data centers, server closets, and call centers. Using these metrics, data center personnel can make informed decisions to proactively manage their facilities, reduce power consumption, and mitigate the risk of unplanned outages. The system can be installed either locally within the enterprise network, or hosted remotely in a cloud-based configuration for easier service management.  The OpenData v3.7 Asset Management Module is available for immediate shipping. For more information on the capabilities of this new software module for the OpenData platform, please visit our website at

About Modius
Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Modius' data center management software enables IT and facilities personnel to work collaboratively to lower energy costs, expand capacity and improve the reliability and availability of all IT services.  The Modius flagship product, OpenData, monitors all power-distribution, cooling and environmental sensors across multiple facilities from a single console, providing intelligent operating decisions based on data from the Internet of Things.  For more information on IoT Solutions from Modius or our data center monitoring solutions , visit our website or call (888) 323-0066.