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OpenData is a highly scalable IoT software platform for collecting the unstructured “big data” that comes from all the facility infrastructure, sensors and IT equipment as it is generated in real-time.  We associate this real-time data with comprehensive asset information to provide the operational intelligence you need to manage the complex environments of today’s modern data centers and facilities.

Modius has built-out optional functionality to address the specific needs of data center managers that are tasked with operating their facilities in the most efficient manner.  These specific Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities are detailed below:

Alarm and Event Management - As data centers become more efficient, they also become more difficult to manage… [More]

Asset Management  - Although the foundation of a successful Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) implementation has always been data collection and infrastructure monitoring...  [More]

Power Capacity Management  - Power delivery in today’s dynamic data centers requires constant monitoring...  [More]

Environmental Management  - Historically, Data Centers and other environmentally sensitive facilities have been drastically over-provisioned...  [More]

Green Data Center  - Green Data Centers are good for the environment and good for business… [More]

DCIM for Colocation  - Over the last several years, companies looking to reduce data center operating costs, or avoid costly expansions of existing facilities, have considered using Colocation… [More]

Integration Support  - Typically, Data Center operators are using multiple applications to manage their facilities…[More]

Introduction to OpenData for Data Centers Video